Don’t fear the reaper


I was perusing some old Plinky prompts, trying to come up with something to write because, heaven knows, it’s been forever since I have published anything. Oh, I’ve written two or three blogs, but by the time I should be ready to post them, I wilt. My enthusiasm wanes, and I, instead, hit delete.

Bad writer.

Sometimes we need to push on for the sake of pushing on.

And so, for the sake of pushing on, I returned to the Plinky prompt sight and was intrigued by the suggestion of exploring my name.


Bet you can guess the witty name my friends called me. That’s right. Mother Teresa. I don’t mind, not really. I have always admired THE Mother Teresa. She was a woman of grace, mercy, love, obedience, and sacrifice. I don’t measure up, but I try.

For such a romantic at heart, I would have loved to have been given a name that evokes a vision of mystery, dreams, happiness, sunshine, etc.

But no. My name means one thing—reaper. Kind of grim, isn’t it?

The grim reaper. That is I.

I suppose reaper could also refer to someone who harvests souls—in a good way, of course.

But that’s not why I was named Teresa. I was named after Teresa Brewer, a singer I’ve had to Google, just so I could learn about my namesake.


Apparently she was quite popular back in the day. She recorded 600 songs, pop, country, jazz, R&B. And, tell me it ain’t so, Joe, she recorded a song with Yankee outfielder Mickey Mantle, titled “I Love Mickey.” What was my dad thinking?

Actually, my dad told me the second choice for my name was Cindy. The name Cindy means “light,” perhaps stemming from the name Lucinda.

But, alas, I am “The Reaper.”  I decided to do a little more digging and discover a few more details about my name. So, here is what “they” say about Teresa.

  • People with the name Teresa are excited with change and adventure.
  • People with the name Teresa appear confident but are actually self conscious.
  • Teresas are too open to suggestion.
  • Teresa is also spelled Theresa.
  • Teresa is the name of Barbie’s brown-haired friend. (You know—Barbie the doll.)

I give no credence to the above characteristics. All I know is this is what I read, but if I were writing a story and were to name my main character Teresa, I would probably do a little research to see if the name were to fit. I’m really into symbolism and such. Being the crazy English teacher I am, I pay close attention to names of characters. I analyze them in depth.

Oh yeah, that’s another characteristic of a Teresa. She over analyzes everything.

I told my dad I was going to change my name. He suggested I change it to Terri when I went to college, to get a fresh start. I never did. I did get tagged with the nickname Tee. It was a softball thing.

Just recently, however, I have decided that should I change my name I will become Tia. I like that name. It just has a cool sound. It’s kind of like taking my nickname and adding my middle initial.

So what do the “experts” say about Tia?

The name Tia means “godly.” She values her personal independence. She tends to be both creative and reckless. Nice.

Now it’s your turn to research. What does your name mean? Do the characteristics associated with your name fit your personality? Take the challenge a step further, and analyze the name of your main character? Could you use some of the corresponding characteristics of the character’s name to mold your character’s personality? Better yet, choose a name that screams YOU. Find out what the name means, and create a story about the Alternate Reality You based on the characteristics of the name.

From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors.

Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name.

Put another nickel in / In the nickelodeon / All I want is having you / And music, music, music
I’d do anything for you  / Anything you’d want me to / All I want is kissin’ you / And music, music, music ~ Recorded by Teresa Brewer



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