A-mused again

Linus had his Great Pumpkin, but the good little children and their teachers have Mr. Flurry, who makes all their wishes come true.

Beware–it’s not your typical blog today….

Today is one of those magical days reserved only for kids—and teachers. It’s a snow day! Writers, take note. Even if you’re not in school,  don’t you deserve a play day? Your creativity grows with your experiences. Why not venture into my winter wonderland? Put away your laptops, revisions, and research. Let’s play.

There is one thing you have to know. You have to keep your eyes open to catch your muse. They’re everywhere, but you can only see them with a child’s eyes.

The Watcher

Take, for instance, The Watcher. He stands, waiting in the shadows…just like the next villian in your novel. Look closely. Does he resemble someone you know?

Danger lurks.

What you see isn’t always what you get

Perhaps your muses come in pairs. Is a love story brewing between your characters? Look closely. Don’t assume what you see is really what is really there. The snowman on the left is obviously Scottish. He’s wearing a kilt. And the lovely snowwoman on the right? She used to be a supermodel. And now you’re all set. Go write your romance.

Cold hands, warm hearts?

The Abominable Snowman

Looking for a muse that’s tall, dark, and handsome? How about we settle for tall? Few snowmen are dark. This one is kind of cute–in an abominable sort of way. Poor guy, always being referred to as loathsome. He’s not all bad, just misunderstood.

Clearly misunderstood


Maybe your muse is the romantic type. Picture the silhouette of a cowboy riding against a tequilla-colored sunset sky. Maybe the tragic hero in your next novel is a cowboy. Make him a gunslinger, and he’s even more desirable. He rides into town and runs into your reluctant heroine. She tries her best to guard her heart, but he has a quick draw and a deadly aim.  Bang! Shot through the heart. Who’s to blame?

He gives love a bad name.

Where’s Waldo?

And sometimes your muse will pop up out of the blue. Look closely. You may find him or her in the last place you expect. A cabinet to Narnia? A ceiling? A barber shop? Rome? One never knows.

He could be hiding anywhere.

Fantasy and sci-fi

Perhaps your creativity takes you to other worlds, even ones you create. There’s a muse for every occasion.

A little out of this world

Going cyberpunk
Keeping up with the trends? Look for a muse with attitude. How about going cyberpunk? It’s a little bit “high tech,” a little bit “low life.” Picture your story in a near-future dsytopian world, and you’re almost there. Let your muse guide you through a world of hackers and artificial intelligence.

Domo arigato, Mr. Robato

Everyone struggles

We’re coming to the close of our play day. Keep in mind, dear writer friend, we all struggle. The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. How many times have you made these excuses?

“But he  has a book deal.”
“She has an agent.”
“Her story has already won three contests.”
“This is her 25th novel.”

If you are a writer, you will always struggle. No writer has it easy. Even published writers. Don’t despair. There’s joy in the journey. You have to go out and grasp it. It will not come to you if you sit there and despair.

Need encouragement? Maybe your muse take the form of your best friend, critique partner, co-worker, teacher–the person who helps you believe in yourself.

Still searching for your muse? Let me introduce you to Grassy the Snowman. (I borrowed him from writer Jen Stephens. Check out her website if you want to know more about her blog and book series  http://www.jenstephens.net/ .)

He's a cousin to Frosty the Showman.

We are the champions!

All write, righters! Go to it. Grab hold of your muse and follow the plan God has set before you.

Go forth and conquer the page.