I <3 U


My newspaper students gave me the plague. But despite sickness, life must go on.

I’ve had a most wonderful week, learning guitar, playing guitar, hearing my friends play their songs, helping the 3N1 praise band with their music, playing for Trinity, interviewing a rock legend, writing the article, finishing the first draft of my revised synopsis, learning how to revise my novel.

It’s like God just heaped all the desires of my heart onto my plate and said, “Enjoy.” And I did.

I just didn’t have room for desert, which is taking time to jot down my serendipitous thoughts. So here I am tonight with a million thoughts running through my head.

I can’t print any of them.

My number one rule as a journalist (after always tell the truth) is never do any harm. It’s not as if I would purposely write anything that would hurt anyone, but not everyone would be happy to see his or her name pop up on the Psycho Writer Chick’s blog—even if all intentions were honorable.

Since this summer, my world has turned upside down. I prayed that God would send me new friends to add to my old ones, and He did—new friends at school, new friends in my community, new friends in Nashville, new friends all over the world. When God delivers, he DELIVERS!

I believe people’s lives intersect for a reason.

Some people call it serendipity. I think serendipity is God’s way of keeping us on our toes, surprising us with little blessings here and there.

Technically, this post will go up on Groundhog’s Day, but I’m writing it on February 1. As desperate as I am for an amazing blog topic, I refuse to make a list of 100 ways to celebrate the groundhog.

I will, however, throughout this month focus on the topic of love. So my first February blog is my attempt to say thank you to God and to the people who have made a difference in my life.

Are you afraid of coming across as too bold? You can play Secret Admirer. I don’t mean the icky creeper type. I’m talking about the Secret Admirer, known for his or her good deeds as described in Matthew 6: 1-2.

Here’s a list of ways to say, “Thank you. You made a difference in my life.”

  1. Bake a pie and leave on the desk of someone you appreciate. I’ve heard it’s a good idea to make sure you put it on the RIGHT desk.
  2. Complete a random chore for the person you love—like your college son’s laundry. Or play games with your younger child—video games, board games, skill games—even if you stink at them. (I know a mom who squeezed into Little League catcher’s gear and offered herself as human target when her younger son wanted to learn how to pitch.)
  3. Make yourself vulnerable to the person you care about. Open up and let the person see who you really are–probably the best gift of all.
  4. Leave a random Post-It note, card, flower, letter, or other small gift on a day other than Valentine’s Day or birthday. Homemade gifts are extra special. Make something from the heart. It doesn’t have to be food.
  5. Write a song. If you’re really brave, sing it. (Poems work too.)

Love is a verb. It’s not what you say. It’s what you do.

Stalkers' Coffee Break at The Brew -- No, no, no


DISCLAIMER:  If you choose the Covert Random Act of Kindness (aka Operation Secret Admirer), remember there’s a bold line between secret appreciator and stalker—don’t even think about going there. I will not bail you out of jail, and I do not want to be your cellmate.