I think I’m henpecked!

Today the three of us, Kenny, Michael and I, took a little trip to Franklin, Tennessee, to visit one of our favorite out-of-the way spots, the Henpeck Market. Located at 1268 Lewisburg Pike, the market is an eclectic assortment of happiness.

At first glance, visitors might mistake the two-story Victorian structure for a cozy home. But the gas pumps out front are a dead give-away that there’s more to this quaint little establishment than a family dwelling.

They really do have EVERYTHING!

Actually, family is what this place is all about. At one time Don and Jackie Gregory and their family lived above the store/restaurant, but now the upstairs is home to a gallery of unique gifts called The Loft.

It's not too early to make your Christmas gift list.

If you’re looking for a special gift for baby, one that doesn’t scream Walmart or Target, then this is the spot to shop. There are gifts for every member of the family: artists, sports fans, soccer moms, teens, etc.

Not your run-of-the-mill gifts

I’m always drawn to the jewelry and the tees. I’m all about wearing art. There is so much to choose from with a wide variety of prices that will suit all budgets.

But The Loft is just part of the experience. Downstairs is where most of the action takes place. The moment you walk through the doors, you’ll rub elbows with patrons and employees of all ages. There’s a place for everyone. Everyone fits in. It is the epitome of cozy atmosphere.

Kick back, relax...

Enjoy a cup of coffee...

Far behind the register is a kitchen where the staff prepares gourmet meals to eat in or to take out. We couldn’t decide what to order, but we narrowed our choices to the Bleu Bird (turkey with bacon and bleu cheese) and the homemade pimento cheese with bacon and tomato. We ordered both on artisan bread.

Eat in or take out.

We split them, each taking a half. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our selection had we gone to a New York deli. The sandwiches were amazing.

It’s all yumscious!

The next time I go, I may be tempted to order The Elvis, skillet-fried, thick-sliced bologna topped with Pepper Jack cheese, mayo and tomato. I know I’ll be saying thank you, thank you very much.

It may seem weird, but I don’t go to the Henpeck Market to buy gas or to visit The Loft or even to sample food. I go because of the ambiance. Every time I walk in the market, I feel a surge of creativity and peace sweep over me.

It’s just a happy place. In fact, the motto there is “Simply Living Life.”

Peaceful, easy feeling

Franklin just exudes creativity—and so does the Henpeck Market. When I need to recharge my creative battery, that’s where I want to go.

But what I really like about this little place is that the owners aren’t ashamed of the Gospel. They boldly proclaim Christ’s love through their actions and through the art work scattered throughout the place.

I feel God’s presence and His peace every time I walk through the doors.

I don’t usually plug establishments in my blog, but the Henpeck Market holds a special place in my heart. If you happen to go, please tell them that the short, little blond woman running around with the camera really did feature them in her blog.

Maybe they won’t think I’m that crazy.

Let me know if you make the trip, and please share your go-to places for creativity. We may have to get together and plan a road trip.

For more information, please visit The Henpeck Market website:  http://henpeckmarket.com/.