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As a journalism teacher and a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in several Christian and general market publications, I have a passion for encouraging young Christian journalists to boldly accept their leadership roles as Guardians of the Truth. Thank you for visiting my blog. Please take this opportunity to interact with other Christian journalists, advisers and readers by telling us more about yourself. 

I am in the process of revamping this blog. Your ideas and PRAYERS are welcome!

Starting in August, every week at SERENDIPITEEBLOG.COM readers can look forward to valuable resources to help them both in the classroom and in their personal Christian journeys. While the Internet offers a vast variety of journalism resources, my goal is to include specific resources that target the needs of young Christian writers who desire to share the truth without compromise. Possible topics include the following:

  • Personal testimonies of student journalists and advisers
  • Spotlights on student journalists, journalism staffs and advisers
  • Writing and design tips
  • Story ideas
  • Discussions pertaining to current events and ethics
  • Pointers for getting published in Christian and general markets
  • Links to blogs of writing experts
  • Links to blogs of student journalists and student fiction writers
  • Team-building techniques for student editors and advisers
  • Author interviews
  • Songwriter interviews
  • Plus, contests and FREEBIES!

In addition to my work as a high school teacher and a freelance writer, I have recently completed my first YA novel, The Edge, which will hopefully launch a series.

 Brief synopsis

High school journalist TJ Westbrook, a Memphis transplant and parkour (PK) enthusiast, is obsessed with finding the story that will change his life. He enlists the help of fellow journalist Megan Crosslin. Megan knows a lot about PK too, just not parkour. She’s a preacher’s kid with an obsession of her own, TJ Westbrook. On his journey to journalistic fame, TJ stalks a blues legend and befriends a real-life superhero. But when he and Megan crash an underage drinking party, TJ realizes being a guardian of the truth requires more than a sense of adventure. He secretly records incriminating evidence of the quarterback’s father handing out beer to underage teens, including three seniors who die later that night in an alcohol-related automobile accident. TJ and Megan find themselves standing on the edge of truth. What will they do with the story that can change the lives of everyone at Edgewood?

 It is my hope that SERENDIPITEEBLOG.COM will serve as a launch pad for young Christians and their mentors to meet and to share ideas. I welcome your comments and the links to your blogs. Together we can make a positive impact on our culture.

 Thanks again for visiting,

Teresa “Tee” Lockhart


  • Certified Journalism Instructor by the Journalism Education Association
  • Middle Tennessee Scholastic Journalism Teacher of the Year
  • Tennessee High School Press Association Journalism Teacher of the Year
  • Outstanding Teacher of the Humanities
  • Tennessee Regional Teacher of the Year


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