Real love has its own language

Here it is, the big ole heart day. Kissy, kissy, lovey dovey day. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great day for some, threshold to misery for others.

There’s nothing worse than heartache on Valentine’s Day, especially for those who have lost a loved one, who have made mistakes in love, or who are still waiting for the right one to come along. So rather than talk about red roses, dark chocolates, Hallmark cards and teddy bears, let’s take a look at the gifts of real love—the stuff that doesn’t wilt or add ten pounds.

The great thing about these gifts is that you usually get more in the giving than the receiving.

Patience. Real patience is not for show. It’s genuine. It’s the giving of one’s time, one’s self to another who doesn’t deserve it. Love is the gentle caress of a child who begs for attention, a word of encouragement, a conversation with someone who could use a friend.

Humbleness. Love isn’t envy; it isn’t pride. It’s not a sense of entitlement. It’s sincere appreciation. It is the willingness to share a talent or a gift without rubbing one’s good fortune in the other person’s face.

Unselfishness. Love is all about the other person. It’s about making someone else happy with no payoff in mind. Love doesn’t make the other person look bad. Love builds the other person up. Love is not a false martyr.

Gentleness. Love isn’t anger. Love isn’t screaming, yelling, hitting, threatening, throwing, cursing, or complaining. Love is self control, tenderness, and affection.

Forgiveness. Love allows mistakes. Love doesn’t blame. Love does not seek revenge.

Goodness. Love doesn’t delight in evil. Love wants what’s best, does what’s best, and never gives up hope for the best.

I don’t know how you feel about Valentine’s Day and all the commercial hype. I do know that Valentine’s Day can be one a tough day for a lot of folks, a day of high expectations and big let downs. But however the day goes, just remember Valentine’s Day is just a tiny speck in eternity. God has a bigger plan than Cupid.

If you’re in pursuit of love, it might be closer than you think. Don’t be persuaded by false advertising or fancy packaging. And just because you don’t get a dozen red roses, don’t discount the subtle gifts that may be sent your way. Real love has its own language.