This is my first DUET with Hasty Words, What an honor and fun experience! Please check out Hasty Words for some amazing art.


This duet took some time to write due to me losing my place a billion times.  She was patient though and I think the end result turned out beautifully.  Visit SerendipiTee here.BeFunky_index.jpgWritten by SerendipiTee and HastyWords

Wading through a cold, familiar river

I happened upon a gold and silver beam

The brilliant sparkling pulled me to the sun

And dragged me deeper into the flowing stream


I stared directly with fascination and for the first time

Was not blinded but could see that someone

Had left his mark, a message, a rhyming song

Written in fire upon this fiery globe in front of me


Wading through a fireof lukewarm flames

I happened upon an unexpected inferno

That, engulfing me, soothed me and pulled me to its center

I shielded my eyes -careful little eyes for what you see-


I blinked and…

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    • I’ve never written a poem with anyone. It was a fun, interesting experience because I really didn’t know where it was going. The meaning is left up to the reader’s interpretation, I think. It really is like a kaleidoscope. Bits and pieces came together for a moment at a time, and this was the end result.

    • Thank you for stopping by. I hope you stay for a while. Thanks for taking time to read and for commenting. This post was a step out of my comfort zone. I like trying something new.

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