Roy G. Biv


Just because I haven’t written anything in a few days.

Just because this blog was inspired by a WordPress daily prompt.

I dedicate this blog to Roy G. Biv. May you color the canvas of my life. May every song I write be infused with your hues. May all the stories I dream be seen through your prism.

FramkensteinRED. Not a a fast car. Not a fancy dress. Not a rose. Passion? Yes. For music. A guitar maybe. And drums.

ORANGE. Not a football team. Not a citrus delight. Never yielding. Pumpkin? Yes. Spice. The color of autumn, or fire, or a harvest moon.pumpkin

YELLOW. Not a ribbon. Not a light. Not a streak. Definitely a bright, sunshiny day.


greenGREEN. Money goes away. Envy destroys the heart. Inexperience makes mistakes. But green like St. Patrick’s Day brings the luck of the Irish.

BLUE. Not the sky. Not my eyes. Not like jazz–but almost. A NOTE, like the one I’m singing right now, waiting for resolve.indigo

INDIGO. Could be bruised, but it’s not. Could be a dye, but it’s not. Could be a child, but it’s not. It’s a crayon, and I can use it to mark on all my walls.


VIOLET. Don’t look for it among the Africans. It isn’t in true blood, or even with a Royal. 790,000,000?  I don’t know. Hmmm.



Now it’s your turn. Follow these directions and take this prompt for a spin:

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.



13 thoughts on “Roy G. Biv

  1. Roy G. Biv was how I learned the colors of the rainbow, decades ago… Wonder how many kids today know that little anagram? Is that the right word, “anagram”?

    Red. I have red lots of books.
    Orange. Orange you glad I’m not illiterate.
    Yellow. Yell low or the coon dogs will get to howling.
    Green. Them spoons is done turnt green.
    Blue. Bubba blue out his knee playing football.
    Indigo. It was cold outside, so I says to the cats, “in da go”.
    Violet. Johnny one tooth got a tiny little fiddle. It’s not a viola, it’s a violet.

    Was that good??? 😀

    Red was my first “favorite color”, but now I favor black or pink.
    Orange makes me think of UT, but I like it better for the fruit. We didn’t celebrate Christmas when I was a child, but the bus driver gave each of us an orange. That made a lasting impression and happy memories.
    Yellow was the color of my kitchen tile in California. I cannot wear yellow – makes me look ill – but it is a happy color.
    I’ve often wondered if God’s favorite color might be green. Some day I shall ask Him.
    Blue fascinates me because of it’s many hues. All colors hade shades and variations, but blue is more dramatic, I think. Baby blue, azure blue, periwinkle, royal,…
    Indigo is not a word used much anymore. I like the sound though. I think they still use indigo ink (sometimes) for tattoos.
    Violet is Martha’s favorite color, and i like the flower.

    That was fun. 🙂

    • Red for books…ah, very, very good. 🙂

      Red is probably my least favorite color because it makes me think of anger. I don’t wear it, BUT I really like to use red in my house. I have a red couch. My rugs have red in them. And of course, when it comes to musical instruments, I like red. We are the RED Raiders.

      My favorite colors right now are a mixture of blue and green. Symbolically and because the colors are calming and evoke thought, I think.

      This WAS fun. I really like reading your stuff. 🙂

      • I like reading your stuff too! 🙂 Red is still a “near favorite” for me. I don’t care so much for brown or gray. I don’t dislike the colors, per se (sp?), but they make me think of wishy washy unclear things. I am a winter 9that skin tone thing done years ago), so I tend to go for bold primary colors.

      • I, on the other hand, am brown crazy. I did not used to like brown, but when you pair it with blue, it is pretty. And with pink. Even with black. And it goes naturally with green. And most of my rugs have brown and red in them. I think I will have to do one of those psycho analytical tests about what colors mean.

  2. Red. Red and pink are my favorite colors to wear.
    Orange. Go Big Orange!
    Yellow. I want to make white curtains with yellow pom-pom trim.
    Green. When walking through woods, I like to look up at the sunlight filtering through all the green leaves.
    Blue. I’m thankful for family and friends who encourage me when I’m feeling blue.
    Indigo. Indigo buntings have pretty plumage.
    Violet. Violet-hued irises make me think of springtime in Tennessee.

    • Pretty! I have decided that I will not have a color them in my house. My house is ALL colors in every room. It’s like a patchwork quilt. Nothing matches. I like that. The world doesn’t match. We’re all patches sewn together.

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