Things I WON’T do in 2014: my anti-resolution list

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Almost all the New Year’s Resolutions I read are lists of things people WILL do in 2014. I don’t like being like everyone else. So here is what I will NOT do.

  1. I will NOT be a vindictive person.
  2. I will NOT give in to comfort food when I feel sad.
  3. I will NOT give up writing.
  4. I will NOT change who I am for anybody.
  5. I will NOT allow people to take advantage of my naivety.
  6. I will NOT stop loving my students.
  7. I will NOT coast when it comes to my jobs—100% or nothing.
  8. I will NOT be ashamed of my spiritual beliefs.
  9. I will NOT place religion above relationship.
  10. I will NOT stop dreaming of going to Ireland.
  11. I will NOT stop looking for adventure.
  12. I will NOT grow weary of doing good.
  13. I will NOT make hasty judgments about people’s actions.
  14. I will NOT give up on love.

That’s it. Your turn. What will you NOT do in 2014?

18 thoughts on “Things I WON’T do in 2014: my anti-resolution list

  1. Those are good. 🙂 Hmmmm, what shan’t I do..
    1. I will NOT quit walking
    2. I will NOT stop using antiquated words that annoy people.
    3. I will NOT return negativity for negativity.
    4. I will NOT wish bad on rotten people.
    5. I will NOT listen to gossip
    6. I will NOT bark at cats.

    That’s harder than I thought it would be.
    I’ve not made any resolutions in a long time. I kinda make goals — like i want to walk 1200 miles this year — but resolutions are generally broken within the first month, and then disappointment, discouragement, planning, plotting, voodoo dolls,… it’s just down hill from there. 😉 HAPPY NEW YEAR, twinlet!! Wrote my year’s end greeting last night. Prolly have to go to my page to find it by now.

    • I look forward to reading your greeting. I like your anti-resolutions, especially the part about NOT returning negativity for negativity. It kind of goes along with my anti vindictive promise to myself. It’s not new though. I make it every year. As a teacher, I have had SO MANY mean people berate me when I give my heart and soul to help them or their children. I will admit in my early years, I used to think, “You’ll be sorry.” I never, ever did anything in return, but things do have a way of coming back around. I’m not a karma type person, so I won’t blame it on karma. But I found the bitterness hurt me to the core. I hated the ugliness in ME, so I gave that up. I don’t want to EVER to return negativity for negativity again–even with my thoughts. I would like to walk again. I miss that. I need that. We’ll see. It’s not a resolution. It’s a hope. And even though it’s past midnight, I think I might just try reading the Bible cover to cover. The words are SUPER natural. I’m sure in this age, i will find a deeper level of meaning. I guess I’ll go read right now. Thank you for reading my blog again. I think you may be my only reader. So it means a lot that you leave comments. 🙂 Happy New Year Good Twin.

      • “Control my thoughts” is something I pray about often. I never was a vindictive sort (except in thought), but the things i wish/think have a way of coming true. I’ve learned to be careful what I wish for! Ecclesiastes is my favorite book of the Bible. Ecc. 12:13, my favorite verse. Hebrews is a close second.
        I bet lots of folks read and just don’t comment. I feel that way with my NOTES sometimes. I get more “likes” for some idiotic pun like salmonilla than I do for a heart felt commentary. Such is life. I shan’t wish for anyone to become illiterate. Bahahahaha 😀

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