When I meet the sunrise

Coffee date with ME alone. No sweet stuff, just coffee, and no Fido's. Some day, some day. Soon!

Coffee date with ME alone. No sweet stuff, just coffee, and no Fido’s. Some day, some day. Soon!

I was up before dawn this morning because I had so much to do to prepare for my job today. I needed three bags of ice, so I hit the road to Walmart and treated myself to a mocha this morning. It was Homecoming Day at school. I knew I wouldn’t eat lunch today, so I rationalized the Weight Watcher points. (Oh, how I wish life were like Whose Line Is It, Anyway—“the points don’t matter.”)

Weight Watchers, thank you. Because of you, I did not give into the pizza, wings, burgers, shakes, nachos, ah nachos. Chips. Salsa. Chips and salsa–the BEST food in the world.

And so with my goal in mind, I arrived at work super early, ready to work. And even though I didn’t have a moment to rest, the short drive to my destinations, along with a hot beverage, made up for the rest of the day.

There is something special about a sunrise and a cup of coffee.

Being the Romantic I am, I have plenty to say about the other hours of a day.

Twilight is a favorite too. And midnight of course. On a clear night the stars enchant me, and I can spend an eternity thinking about eternity as I star gaze. When I see a shooting star, I make a wish. I always make a wish. I always believe they come true.

And the wee hours around three or four, the spooky hours, I like to write. When I’m on summer break, I don’t sleep at night. I stay up all hours so I can be alone and think my best thoughts. I finally fall asleep. Just before sunrise. And I sleep as long as I like.

When it’s a normal work day, however, when I have to cut through the path of resistance and battle the alarm clock to make my body move on a wee bit of sleep, I like to find myself in my car driving before the sun comes up. Like this morning.

As I headed toward Monteagle, I watched the sky turn orange as the sun peeked over the mountain. I felt as though the other drivers and I shared something special. I can’t quite verbalize it. But “it” was there—the peace, the calm, the beauty, the newness of a day.

Sunrise reminds me of a snowfall before anyone has had a chance to tread on the freshly spread blanket. It’s beautiful and pure and honest.

I guess that’s what I like about sunrise. For a moment, nothing has had the opportunity to spoil it.

Sunrise is temporal like our time on earth. Like those special moments that God gives us that only we can ponder in awe and gratitude. Ironically temporal also means secular, or the opposite of the spiritual. I disagree with this usage. Sunrise, to me, is quite spiritual.

Maybe that special feeling I get during a sunrise is because that is when I can feel God nearest, without the distractions of work, fear, anxiety, etc.

I don’t think I can write during a sunrise. I think I had better leave my writing to the wee hours or on Saturday afternoons in coffee shops where I can be a stranger.

And write I must. NaNoWriMo (National Write a Novel in a Month) is just around the corner—November. I told myself NEVER EVER would I do this again. NaNoWriMo just about killed me a couple of years ago. But the result made me a finalist in the ACFW Genesis contest.

So here I am again. And thanks to MTCW, I have been preparing for it. The plan for Saturday’s coffee shop date with myself? A mental trip to the setting of the new book. (I spent this evening watching a show on the History Channel, which serendipitously may have provided some background for my story. Who would have thought the Knights Templar and Prince Henry Sinclair would have found a place in my contemporary thriller. Oh, I know I’m not the first. But I may be the first to take the story in this direction.)

And here it is after one, in the morning. And I have to be up early. I will miss sunrise. Maybe I can find another special time in the day to find that spiritual place I’m looking for.

Oh, and the coffee date with myself. I hope I don’t get stood up.

Think about your special time of day? When is it? Why? If you don’t have one, why not choose one? When do you write? Why do you choose this particular time?

Be still, and know that I am God.
~ Psalm 46:10

I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope
For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love
For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith
But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing….
~T.S. Eliot

I feel the love / I feel the love / I feel the love that’s really real
I feel the love / I feel the love / I feel the love that’s really real
I’m on sunshine baby oh
I’m on sunshine baby oh
I’m walking on sunshine wooah
~ Katrina and the Waves




11 thoughts on “When I meet the sunrise

  1. Aye, a fellow “creature of the night”. I would expect nothing less of my good twin. 😉 I accomplish 99% of my writing at night. I enjoy the solitude of knowing that (most) everyone else is asleep, and I OWN the night.
    Most of what I write ends up in the garbage, or more frequently simply deleted. I haven’t yet the courage to allow anyone to get that far into my world.
    The night is for dreamers, not in slumber but in deep thought. The day is for sleep while the world spins in it’s tumultuous, never ending cycle of stress and confusion. ‘Tis a world too hard to see in the light of day…
    But, oh, the night… It belongs to me!

    • I tried numerous times to respond to your past. Let’s try it one more time. Do not throw away your work. Keep it. Recycle it. What doesn’t work now may work in something else later. You are so very talented. It’s a shame that so many who appear to be away still can’t see. A dreamer has vision.

  2. Don’t throw away what you write. Keep it in a recycle bin. You never know when the right time to use it will come around.

    I used to think I kept my Psyche so well hidden. I’m pretty transparent, but the spirit is a ghost.

    You have vision, so keep doing what you are doing. There are so many who can’t see in the bright sunlight.

  3. For me sunrise meant the ending of a night shift at Ampad i had my share of those we had doors open for air in the summer about 5;30 the first peak of the sun would sneak in I worked all 3 shifts and 3rd was the longest, I hope your day goes good Teresa Have a Good Day Everyone, Words of Wisdom i saw on a sign in front of a Fast Food place, Mornings are so nice, Shame they can’t come later in the day, And Musical Notes Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

    • I think I would like working third shift. I was working a ministry tent at Bonnaroo one year where we provided help to stranded people and fed them healthy fruit for breakfast and had water available. Anyway, I worked the overnight shift and loved it. I loved sitting and talking with the people and watching the sunrise over the tents. It felt so good to be out there that time of night.

      I was looking for sun songs. There are some good ones out there. “Here Comes the Sun” is an excellent choice. Have a wonderful day, Dennis.

  4. This was such a wonderful offering. I love the way you express yourself and the fact that the thoughts could have been mine if I was capable of expressing them.

    • Of course, you are! Thank you for encouraging me. I’ve decided that I will take all the encouragement we get. People need to encourage each other. It makes the world such a nicer place to be.

  5. 4 in the morning seems to be a good time of day, knowing if I am up that early, I would either be on the way to a ball game or fishing.
    Thought of Yogi Berra about time:
    Late in his career, playing in left field, he was asked how he liked it. He replied, “It gets late early out there.” (sun in his face)

  6. Early morning is definitely my favorite time of day. I’m so thankful for my quiet, peaceful time at home in the morning. I can be still, and it’s easier to listen to God. In the morning I enjoy thinking about all the possibility the day still holds.

    • I need to do a better job of making the most of my mornings. I run all day long and stay up late, and when I wake up I’m still running. I would like to start the day with a cup of tea and be still and listen.

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