pink stars

Take me back

To the child who feared everything that wasn’t to be feared

But feared nothing that had the power to destroy the world

Take me back

To the moment when emptiness and disappointment

Erased everything but the wrong answer

Take me back

To a closed door with no lock

When too much time was spent looking for the key

Take me back

To a place when courage rose up like a phoenix

Before raging fear brought it down

Make me believe

That God isn’t cruel

That God understands

That God made the puzzle and can make the pieces fit

Make me believe

That love is honest

And what is honest is not evil

And what is evil will not prevail

Make me believe

That all things happen for a reason

And reason is and always will be

Even if forever begins tomorrow and not today

If suns collide and pink stars fall and the world becomes unplugged

I will stand in my dimension and wait

My mind whispering honest

Words few have the ability to hear

8 thoughts on “Fix

  1. Aye, I have a thing for poetry. Yours I like muchly!

    Take me back never no more
    I shant hide in the field or
    spend my days afraid.
    Things best forgotten shall
    stay in quarantine.
    Take me back never no more.

    Much symbolism and deep messages can be hidden within poetry. Perhaps ’tis why I enjoy it so. I can tell my tale, and no one (few) will know that I have said anything at all. 😉

    • You inspired me to actually publish this poem. I am not a very good poet. I have a cousin who is wonderful, and my work dims in comparison to hers and to yours. But I thought I would give it a try. I do like writing poetry. I do feel nervous about people reading it. And I like the fact that one little poem can be as tricky as an Indiana Jones treasure hunt. Thank you for sharing your poetry.

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