What your Facebook posts really mean


I would love to see a study that clocked the number of hours people spent watching TV compared to the number of hours they spent trolling and creeping on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

Don Henley sang, “I make my living off the evening news / Just give me something-something I can use / People love it when you lose / They love dirty laundry.”

But who needs the evening news? We all know the stories are tainted by the media conglomerates that control the release of information to the public.

We want our information fast and furious. Who cares if it’s true? We want to know about our next door neighbor, our cousin’s best friend, and our kid’s homeroom teacher.

Now THAT’S entertainment.

We’re both voyeurs and exhibitionists. Everybody wants his or her fifteen minutes of fame. Thank you YouTube. Thank you Facebook. Now we can live life any way we wanna, even if it’s all in our heads.

Now that we no longer live IRL (in real life), our patterns of socialization have changed.

How do we fit in? Who have we become? How do we reveal ourselves to the world? We don’t speak in sentences anymore. Our communication has reverted back to symbols, quite honestly not so far removed from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Our symbols are, of course, more advanced, thanks to the easy transfer of images through cyber space. The posting of poignant, witty, vulgar, religious, whimsical, or romantic sayings convey a deeper message.

What is it we’re really trying to say?


Even though our social media connects us to the world, we’re still ALONE. We need human interaction. Posts like these convey that we’re hurting. We have forgotten how to say it in words.


The conglomerate media outlets have brainwashed women and men to believe that beauty is limited to certain sizes. We know it isn’t true, but we have to remind ourselves. Yet, even though we post these pics, there is still a part of us that believes the lie is truth.


Christians should not be ashamed of Jesus. They SHOUT his name over cyberspace. But some of them whisper it in their actions with people who don’t believe the way they do.  Somehow, by posting these pics, these Christians feel redeemed.


We are surrounded by people, but we still feel alone. When we post these pics, we hope to draw someone into our lives. We may be afraid to admit it, but part of us thirsts for belonging.


Again, the post below reflects our reaching out for affirmation.


Heartbreak is universal. But in our fast-paced, cyber world, we are afraid to trust, so instead of wearing our feelings on our sleeves, we post them on our statuses. It doesn’t matter if the person who hurts us sees them. Posting helps us digest and own our feelings.


Passive aggressive behavior isn’t just for IRL. We can’t handle conflict, so we say it on Facebook.


All of our friends are busy posting. We don’t want to impose on others, so instead of turning to a counselor or a self help book, we find a quote that reassures us that everything is going to be okay.


When we can’t say it aloud, we post it in a picture.


We know the truth. But does the truth matter anymore?


16 thoughts on “What your Facebook posts really mean

    • Facebook is a part of my daily routine. Too much so, I think. I check it in the morning before work (if I haven’t overslept). I check when I come home. I play on it when I’m avoiding doing real work, and I check it before I go to bed. I’m not pointing fingers at others. I’m interpreting my own actions. Not so good.

  1. OH MY!! I almost never forward stuff, but I rarely filter the randomness that flows through my head. If I think it, more than likely it’ll end up on FB at some point…. Hmmmm. Wonder what THAT means??? I KNOW…. I want everyone to be prepared for when I totally lose it and start eating paste and selling crayons. Yep, that’s it!
    Found a penny in your driveway today. 😀

  2. I have gone on a re-posting rampage. I really do like quotes because you can turn them into stories and songs. But it annoys some people when you do that. I don’t know. Josh pretty much rolled his eyes at me and scolded me for reposting. I dunno.

    I glad you found the penny.

    I’m sorry Scooby wanted to show you her dead squirrel. She is very proud of it. When I finally felt like crawling outside to go to Walmart, she saw me and immediately rushed over to pick it up and show it to me again. It was a race. Me to my truck vs. Scooby with the dead squirrel hanging out her mouth to me.

    Thank goodness I had a head start. She had the head, the body, and the tail. YUCK.

    • I feel like a philosopher here. 🙂 It’s true though. Our posts do reveal something deeper about ourselves. I have to hold back. I like really warped, quirky humor. I don’t think most people would “get” what I think is funny. What does that say about me? 🙂

  3. Well woman now you really got me thinking. Thanks. You really do have an easy but very inquizative ( sorry if spelling is wrong ) tone on this one.:)

    • I am the world’s worst speller. 🙂 If I didn’t stop myself, I would go on a posting frenzy. For one, I love quotes. Whenever I see one, I want to share it. (I’m glad Pinterest lets me do that!) I know all people aren’t like me, but I’ve always been unable to voice how I feel. I guess that’s why I like to write. My analyses probably wouldn’t work for everybody else, but for people like me, I’d say the pictures are glimpses into the soul. 🙂

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