Angry writer

I cannot not write.

I’m still amazed that when I write a blog some reads it. If that someone is you, well, then, thank you. I know I possess no profound wisdom. Occasionally, I make a few people laugh. But is that enough?

I don’t always write for approval. But then again, neither did Emily Dickinson, who tied up her nearly 1,800 poems and kept then neatly hidden away.

I write academically. I do have an opinion.

I write journalistically. I like to tell other people’s stories. Doesn’t bother me a bit to hang out behind the scenes.

But for me to write about me? Well, on so many levels, that’s just wrong. I mean, who really cares?

But still there’s that burning feeling in the bit of my stomach, “fire in the belly,” Margret Britton Vaughn once said, that makes me voice my thoughts to the wind. And to whoever happened to flow with the surf and land on this page, well, I am obliged that you stuck around long enough to read this.

Sometimes I want to say something so badly, but I can’t find the words. e. e. cummings’ poem “since feeling is first” comes to mind.

So when I want to write and can’t find the words to say, I evoke for help. And then I shut down my laptop and put it to sleep when my cyber muse fails me.

But tonight after turning to Plinky, I have chosen to write about the Plinky topics I would NEVER write about. This is my one act of defiance before I set into my more disciplined writing life I have deemed shall start tomorrow.

I must finish my WIP.

Not two mention a couple of graduate papers. But I digress.

So, dear reader, now that you have landed here on my island, perhaps shipwrecked due to loneliness as to having nothing better to do because sleep won’t come, now you can read my Top Ten List of Plinky Prompts I Would Never Write About.

1.       Who makes the best pizza?

My answer? Who cares? Really. First, I try to avoid pizza. It is incredibly fattening and not healthy when it is prepared most deliciously. Who wants to eat skinny pizza? But since I choose not to be curt, my polite answer would have to be Justin, James, and Billy. You are my friends, and you discount my order, an added perk. But Ioyalty to my friends is paramount.

2.       Have you ever broken a bone?

No. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I had chicken pox. I never missed one day of school, never came in late, never checked out early, all my twelve years. What does that say about me? I’m incredibly healthy? No. I’m incredibly obsessive.

3.       What new hobby would you like to try out?

Fashion designing. No, really. Don’t laugh. True, I’m not domestic. The thought of being cooped up makes me fidget, even now. But I think I would like to design clothing that fits my free-spirited mood. I think I would like to take gently worn garments and turn them into new creations. Vintage, yet chic. I will never do this. I do not sew, nor do I have the patience to learn.

4.       At what point in your life did you start feeling like an adult?

Never. I’m still waiting.

5.       Who do you trust with your biggest secrets?

That, my dear, is a secret. I am the best secret holder in the world. Besides, if I told ya, I’d have to kill ya.

6.       Do you have a favorite park?

Colorado. Every little town in Colorado has one or more parks, emphasis on the more. And towns may be 30 miles or more apart. I like parks. I just don’t like crowded ones. Therefore, I rarely go to the one here at home, especially during ball season, which I have avoided. Sometimes I travel down the road a bit to a secluded little haven and sit under the pavilion and write. Most recently, I went to Old Stone Fort to read. But favorite? No. Not yet. I’m sure by the time summer is over I will.

7.       What qualities do you value most in friends?

Honesty. Hands down. And trustworthiness. I choose friends carefully and slowly. Once I let you in, I expect you to stay. No one wants to be discarded.

8.       List the top three things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

Love. See my published novel. Go (to Ireland).

9.       What is your favorite way to cook eggs?

See! See what I’m saying. How could I possibly write a blog about this? Plinky Dude, what are you thinking? Yes, I know you didn’t create your site for me, but you can do better. My favorite way to cook an egg is to take a slice of bread and use a glass to make a whole in the center. I crack the egg. Pour it in the center and fry it in the middle of the bread. And I like omelets

And the last thing I would never write about?

10.   Do you believe in fate?

I believe in serendipity. Things happen for a reason. We shouldn’t be so arrogant to dismiss what’s right in front of our noses.

16 thoughts on “Angry writer

  1. I already realized what you mean about the parks! I’m still trying to make it to several of the parks here in the city, and I haven’t even made it to the ones in the smaller towns around. More reason for you to visit so you can explore them with me???

    • Yes, indeed! Aren’t the parks quaint there? So peaceful. I spent about a month in Otis, Colorado. Dirt roads everywhere! The center of the town was the small ballpark where EVERYONE came out for Little League games. The town also had a saloon, an ice cream shop, and a music store. I always thought how odd it was that a town that small had a music store. The friends I was with went there and tried out all their guitars. But what really struck me is that the little town had about three parks. Amazing. You’re in a big city. If you get a chance venture out to the small towns. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Thank you for entertaining me so late in the night.. I’m so frustrated that I can’t sleep because of a stuffy nose and that my alarm plans to go off at 4:45 for the run that I plan to go on with another teacher… can’t back out when we decide it’s 5:30 that we’re meeting… also, Joel is equally sick and is currently sweating through our sheets.. how will I ever go back to bed?! Oh well, at least you gave me something to do.

    • Oh, no. I am a night owl. I work much better after midnight just until dawn. Too bad there isn’t a midnight shift for teaching. 🙂 I hope Joel feels better! I have given much thought to running. So far that’s as far as it has gotten. 😦

  3. Far be it from me to disagree with you dear Tee.. Pizza is very healthy!! Prepared correctly with lots of garlic and caramelized onion, it’s even healthier!! Ah, you are so creative! What you described about clothing is called refashioning and is very popular right now. A fun hobby! Praying for Colorado right now with the awful fires. Somewhere on this blog, you wrote that your son was engrossed in reading “Hunger Games.” Amazingly, my son who really never read recreationally also became engrossed in that book. I started reading it and it really is good.

    • I know, Kuby. You are right. Pizza is actually an approved Weight Watchers meal, especially from Papa Johns, where I always get my pizza. I have to get it thin crust with lots of veggies. I actually do like it that way. But, oh my goodness, I am so tempted by the cheese bread and garlic sauce and peppers. THAT is what I really, really like. I also like cheese, nay, EXTRA cheesy, cheese pepper with as much red pepper as I can possible sprinkle on it. I don’t think this type of pizza will meet my Weight Watcher guidelines, so I have avoided the temptation. Garlic and caramelized onion? Now I will try that out! 🙂 I think I am hungry now, and it’s only fitting you should mention the Hunger Games. My son has devoured the series. I don’t watch much TV, so I haven’t kept up with the news about Colorado. I will have to Google about the fires. I’m so sad to hear about them. Colorado is so beautiful. When I was out west, New Mexico was undergoing wildfires too. The smoke was everywhere!

      You should publish a book about healthy, tempting meals.

      Readers, you MUST check this out:

  4. I’ve GOT to try that egg thingy! 🙂 Might give your friend Plinky a try too… Been feeling rather creative lately, but undisciplined. I do fairly well if I have a topic – always said I cold write 12 pages on the texture of lint – but just can’t seem to find my own niche. Too afraid of revealing myself, I suppose.

    Gonna have to back track. FB sorts stuff at it’s own discretion, not to MY preference. I’ve missed your last two or three blogs :-O

    • You know what I’ve been wanting to do? I want to camp. I want to take my laptop to a tent and write. Is that weird or what? I have only camped a few times in my life. Once was on my own land surrounded by my horses. Can’t really call that camping. It was hot July, and I could go to town any time I wished.

      The other time I was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by people I didn’t know in a tent. I woke up before dawn freezing. I tried to build a fire with damp firewood. It does not work. The campers next to us were killers. I’m sure of it. I had to take a shower in a brown box with a garden hose.
      Can you say culture shock? But you know what? I want to do it again. But I want my laptop.

      You need a blog, Mary. You need to write. Just because you aren’t doing it yet does not mean you are not a writer. It’s written all over you.

      Hop to it, missy.

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