Plinky 11–What drives me crazy

I’m preparing for some intense writing—I should say re-writing—in the next couple of days. Before I get back to work, I thought I’d exercise my impromptu writing, and visit the Plinky prompts. 2011 has almost come to an end, and this may be the last time I’ll get to do a top 11 list. So here’s to Plinky and one of my last, if not the last, top eleven .

What drives me crazy?

Driving into work and hearing nothing on the radio but talk or commercials

I can usually get a couple of good classic rock tunes in the morn before I punch in my favorite country station. I have a couple more on standby. WAY-FM won’t come in, so that’s not an option. If all else fails, I’ll try a contemporary station, but I turn it back to the commercials if Lady Gaga is on. Rah rah rah. Blech.

Reading instructions

I have no patience when putting stuff together. I bought a new desk light for my classroom the other day. I had to assemble it. First step? Toss the instructions. They made no sense anyway. I did fine until I got to the last step of screwing in the light bulb. I could not for the life of me figure it out. I had a doctor’s appointment the next day, so I left a note for my sub and requested help. The next day the light bulb was in. It never hurts to ask for help.

People assuming I’m stupid because I am instructionally challenged.

Yes, I am blond. Yes, I have trouble with my lefts and rights. Yes, I have trouble following directions. Yes, I have trouble with all of those things, but I am not dumb.

Not wearing earrings

I have a favorite pair of earrings that I wear almost every day unless I choose another pair that goes with a certain outfit. I can’t stand not wearing earrings. If I start my day without earrings, my day goes downhill.

Stress eating

I want to lose weight; I need to lose weight, but cortisol consumes me due to all the stress in my life. I really don’t eat much. I even skip meals. (I know—eating breakfast helps with weight loss.) But I turn to chocolate when I’m in survival mode. I’ve been known to beg, borrow, or steal when I’m really desperate.

Skinny women on cop shows

I’ll bet all those uber thin actresses playing cops are like a size 2 or 0. You flaunt the fact that you can tuck in your shirts and wear belts around your flat bellies. Yeah, I know if I gave up the chocolate and returned to regular exercise I could get back to a size four. Those were the good old days and not so long ago. But you cop show chicks make me crazy. Okay, I’m jealous. I’m just not jealous enough to give up the chocolate—yet.

Wearing socks that don’t match my outfit

I like color coordination. My closet is color coordinated. The files in my filing cabinet are color coordinated. When I’m wearing boots or clogs, I like for my socks to match the color of my shirt. It doesn’t matter if anyone else sees them. I know.  Being unmatched drives me crazy.

Mysterious people

This could be good or bad. Everyone who crosses my path is like a character in my book, the life I’m living. I like to understand my characters, the ones I can trust, the ones I can’t. Mysterious people drive me insane. You keep me guessing and boost my imagination, but enough is enough already!  Illusionists drive me crazy too. I want to see what makes the magic.

And now for the top three things that REALLY drive me crazy

Manipulative people

I don’t like being used, and I don’t like being a puppet. And most of the time, I can read manipulative people like a book. Just because I’m directionally challenged, kind, and patient doesn’t mean I don’t know I’m being played. I would rather bear the humilation of brute honesty than a lie that breaks my heart. Okay, I’ll admit I’m naive, super sensitive, and gullible at times, but eventually I catch on. On the flip side, if a manipulative person goes after one of my babies, the Mama in me comes out and whoa be unto the soul that tries to hurt one of my babies–biological babies or my students. 🙂

Arrogant people

It’s simple. Arrogant people make me crazy. No matter how good, how smart, how rich, how talented, etc. Get the picture?

Mean people

Taylor Swift, you got this one right. I’ve always stood up for the underdog. Mean people are the antipathy of love. Loving people are patient, kind, and humble. Mean people are envious, lying, arrogant, hateful, hurtful, violent, and vengeful. “Why you got to be so mean?”

And now it’s your turn. What makes you crazy?

23 thoughts on “Plinky 11–What drives me crazy

  1. I’m not entirely sure I have 11 things that drive me crazy, but I’ll give it a whirl:

    People who handle all the fruit at the market. It’s ok to sheck a couple of tomatoes, or bananas, or whatever, but do so gently. Some people hurl the fruit about like it’s a bowling ball at the alley.
    People who don’t cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze – especially during flu season when we are all just waiting to hack up a lung anyway.
    Profanity used in every day conversation. I’m no prude, and I have let slip a bit of colorful language from time to time, but there’s just no excuse for using an explitive as an adjective. Profanity is a sign of a poor vocabulary.
    People who knock things over in stores and just leave it. If you knock down a can of corn, pick it up. If your kids play with the toys, put them back. Just cause it is a store (and “people are paid to do that”) doesn’t give you license to trash the joint.
    People who want you to respect their opinions, but who assume that the way to do that is to forsake YOUR opinions. I don’t have to agree with everyone. I get to be me!
    People who don’t clean up after their pets, or who don’t properly care for them. Pets should be cared for with the same love and dignity as children. people who don’t realize that shouldn’t have pets.. And please don’t let me step in dog doodie.
    People who don’t respect my sleep schedule. I am a night owl, and most people know it. I wouldn’t dream of calling anyone at 2am – unless, God forbid, there was some cataustrophic event. Why do people think it is OK to call me at 8am just to chat? Just cause you think I ought to be awake doesn’t mean that I am!
    Losing stuff and forgetting stuff. I guess I must face the fact that I am getting older. There was a time when I could remember a list of 30 items. Now I go to Wal-Mart for milk and bread and come home with epsom salt and root beer. I often look for my keys when they are dangling from my finger. Then there’s the socks I found in the fridge the other day…
    Women who play stupid just to get men to do stuff for them. You know the Barbie type who just can’t manage to check her own oil, or lift a case of water, or mow the yard. Yep, it’s nice to have a man do those things (and makes ’em feel like Mr Stud too, probably), but being incompetent is not attractive. Besides, it makes the rest of us self-sufficient ladies look un-feminine.
    Parents who allow their children to run the home or to speak to them disrespectfully. It shocks me – though perhaps it shouldn’t – to hear a young child yelling at their parent, and the parent promptly “obeys” the child’s command. No wonder we are raising a generation of barbarians.
    Litter. Plain and simple, litter drives me crazy! What do people think?? They casually pitch their garbage into the streets/yard/park, etc. Do they think it is gonna just vaporize? POOF – trash all gone. Someone has got to pick it up! Even aluminum cans. I’ve heard people comment that it is OK to picth them out cause people hunt for them. NOT!! AAARRRR!! Litter!! Drives me CRAZY!!

    Well, how ’bout that? Guess I did have 11 things that drive me crazy. 🙂 Did notice that most of my “gripes” were about people and their behavior. You’d think I would have more personal stuff, especially considering my level of OCD… That was fun. THANKS!!

    • Amen, sister. I do have to admit I’m a little embarrassed though with your Number Three. Several years ago when I first bought a mini van, I was afraid to be the driver for co-workers to go to lunch one day because I hadn’t figured out how to put the gas in it. Seems like it had either a locking gas cap or a hidden button to push to open the lock. THAT was embarrassing. I didn’t want to tell anyone. I did, however, learn how to start our Ramcharger by climbing on the fender and using a chunk of wood to keep the choke open so it wouldn’t die all the time. I’m learning. lol 🙂 Thanks. You are such a good writer. I agree with your gripes!

  2. Had to laugh when I read “Wearing Socks That Don’t Match My Outfit” , “Manipulative People”, and “Reading Instructions” because those three things would be at the top of my What Drives Me CRAZY list. Not sure if I can think of eleven…but here goes:
    11) Wearing Socks That Don’t Match My Outfit—but this also extends to wearing pjs around the house. I can’t stand for my socks to not match my pjs.

    10) Reading Instructions: Who has time?

    9) People Who Talk To ME On Their Cellphone in Public: I don’t want the rest of the world hearing our conversation!

    8) People Who Talk On Their Cellphones in Public: Seriously….where has privacy gone?

    7) Manipulative People: I don’t care if you have a “stack of degrees” or “speak to legislatures on a daily basis”….

    8) Fake People: A smile should be a smile. If it’s not a smile then don’t smile. I’d rather you grimace if that is your true feeling.

    7) Bullies: all ages all sizes

    6) Clutter: it stresses me out

    At this point I’m struggling to think of more, but I do agree with several from Mary Todd’s post.

    5) Profanity in KID Movies: A kid movie should be a kid movie…I don’t see the need for adult humor or language in a KID movie

    4) (Just Thought of This One) Women Who Don’t Respect Their Husbands: This is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine. Throwing away their clothes behind their backs…NOT cool. Talking down to them. Making them think they can’t do anything right. Purposely doing something to annoy them. Nagging nagging nagging. If we want our husbands to treat us with respect then we need to treat them with respect!!

    3) Dish Designs Facing Different Directions: All my dishes have apples on them. When I set the table they MUST face the same direction.

    2) People Who Don’t Turn Off Their High Beams Even Though They See You Coming From a Mile Away

    1) Baking/Cooking Mishaps: I hate when I spend hours searching through recipe books, making a grocery list, running to the supermarket, making the item, cleaning up after while the item is cooking…..just for it to taste awful! ARG!

    • Liz, I think we are kindred souls. I too get super stressed out over clutter. Right now I am the cause of clutter at my house. It really does no good to nag at myself. I’m just going to have to get organized. Bullies bother me A LOT. I’m not just talking about kids. I’m talking about adults who try to manipulate teachers. Talking on cell phones in public bothers me too, but what really bothers me is when I’m giving my time to someone and that person puts me on hold (in person) to have a 20 minute phone conversation while I stand there awkwardly. I certainly understand answering a quick text or call, but not an in-depth conversation. I don’t answer my phone if my attention is devoted someone else. And cell phones in bathrooms and restrooms! No way. I always seem to get a phone call when I’m in a dressing room in a department store. I try to answer quietly and say, “Not now.” But some people are persistant. 🙂 Thanks SO MUCH for reading Liz. I miss you.

  3. People who walk slow drive me crazy. People who drive slow on the interstate in the fast lane drive me crazy. Professors who think they are God’s gift to journalism drive me crazy. And lastly, girls who take five pictures of themselves and post them on Facebook drive me crazy. Well, these are things that are driving me crazy today anyways.

  4. Yeah, those drive me crazy too, especially the slow walkers. I get tired when I walk slow. I guess I’m running all the time at school, so I like to move it, move it, move it.

  5. What drives me crazy?
    Eleven- Redundancy! I cannot stand when someone has to repeat themselves…and it makes me INSANE when I read a redundant sentence… It just drives me crazy… (Sorry, I had to! But you get my point, don’t you?)
Math! Mmk, So I know that some people are just math fanatics, but I am not one of them. My brain does NOT work that way a’tall. Don’t judge me.

    Nine- Profanity. Don’t get me wrong, I have said my share of choice words, but I don’t use them every OTHER word. I mean, really? Is it necessary to disrespect others just because you don’t have enough respect for yourself?

    Eight- Smoking. Yeah, ‘nuff said. I don’t like the way it smells, or looks. Please don’t do it around me.
    Seven-Wearing socks. I don’t like them at all. They make me feel like I am suffocating, and the fuzzies that come from them are just awful! No sockies for me unless it’s necessary.
    Six- Controlling and overbearing people. Not everything people do is aimed at you, nor is it yours to comment on. Let people live their lives, and if necessary HELP them, but don’t make things terrible by trying to live your life through someone else.
    Five- Drama. I don’t like it when people say that they “Don’t do drama,” yet they’re the ones that create the drama. Just mind your own business, and we should be okay.
    Four- Ignorance. Whether it’s about politics or religion…or even grammar… get your facts straight and use spell check before you post or turn things in. It just makes you look moronic to make blatant errors.
    And now for the top three things that REALLY drive me crazy
    Three- Clingy people. We’ve all been through it. There’s always at least one person that has to be around you no matter where you are. They have to touch you, and do things that are awkward just because they “love you.” Ugh. I can’t stand it! Back off and give me my breathing room!
    Two- Mean people. Why do people intentionally set out to hurt others? What happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”
    One- Radio hogs. I am sure that we’ve all been in a car with someone that likes a really odd station, and they think it’s the BEST THERE EVAR WAS…while we’re sitting there contemplating smashing the radio, or jumping out of the car. They sing every song, and when you even suggest a different station, you’re the equivalent to Beelzebub…I cannot stand it. BE NICE AND SHARE THE RADIO!
    And now it’s your turn. What makes you crazy?

  6. Loved this Logan! I think I’m guilty of your number one. I AM a radio hog. I do sing every song, and if the people I’m riding with dare to change the station, I want to zap them. Arrrgh!

    But I’m with you all the way on number five. I don’t do drama. In fact, I try to keep everything in my life low key. My biz is my biz. My life is not reality TV. 🙂

    Thanks for posting. These were fun to read!

  7. You and I have similar taste in music, so I think that would be okay, but those that LOVE terrible music like rap and bluegrass just make me want to punch a puppy.

    I don’t do drama either, and I agree with you. If everyone would mind their own business, this world would be a much happier place.

    Have I also told you that dramatic people are annoying? (Don’t remember if I wrote that up there ^)

    I like the these kinds of blogs. Believe it or not, it took some critical thinking to come up with an appropriate list.

  8. This is such a good read. You are truly an amazing writer! I think what makes me the most crazy is Christians, especially high profile Christians being mean and intolerant. I can’t see the love. I think God is reserving something special for them. They make me ashamed to be a Christian and attempt to share our loving merciful God.

  9. The biggest thing driving me crazy right now is bureaucracy at its finest! “Up to 2 months” has turned into FOUR, we’re still waiting, and the only way we know the little we do, is because we found a number and called on our own. Let your yes be yes, and your no, no!
    I’m with you on the chocolate. I am mortified by the difference in a picture of me 15 years ago, and of me now… Then I NEEEEEED more chocolate, Dr Pepper, and Mtn Dew. I try to cut back, which brings on more migraines.
    And finally, working with a modern-day Penninah. Usually, I just roll my eyes and shake my head, but I sometimes have to wonder- were there times when Hannah just wanted to punch Penninah in the face? 😉

    • I do so well in the morning. I’m strong. I have BIG plans. I believe I can conquer the world. Then I’m hit with the unexpected like rain pouring from my school ceiling all over my newspaper staff’s computers. Forget the diet. I want chocolate! And lots of it! If only the stress would go away…or I could find a better way to deal with it.

  10. This is very silly, but it bothers me when people misspell “y’all”. It’s not ya’ll, AKA “ya will”. It’s y’all as in “you all”. Come on, people!

    I’m in the process of shopping for a car. Car shopping drives me crazy! Some of the salespeople we’ve talked to just make me want to run away and buy a horse and buggy from the Amish.

    It drives me crazy when I can’t remember someone’s name or don’t spell someone’s name correctly. I feel so bad!

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