Half over or half yet begun?

So exactly half the year is over. What ten things do you want to do before the calendar reads 2012? (Thanks, Plinky.com, for the prompt idea.)

Honestly, to start out, I’d just like to know where I’m going so I can try to get there. I’m an extremely driven person. I’m sitting in a parking garage right now with no place to go. I don’t like that. I want a destination and a road map.

But on a lighter note, here’s my list of The Top Ten Things I Want to Do Before 2011 is over–sans writing. I’ll leave that up to what God says. We’re still talking.

1. Read for pleasure. I want to read ten books before school starts. I never get to read when school is in session.

2. Put lights up on my patio. If I could bring a beach to my backyard, I’d add that too. Nothing says relaxation better than lights reflecting off the water with music playing in the background. Ahhhh.

3. Find a nice rich person to invest in my dream of opening a music venue on the square in Manchester. We already have a nice coffee shop and some restaurants. Now all we need is song. Hey, it’s a long shot, but I can dream. Can’t I?

4. Trade automobiles. Fat chance. But if I’m dreaming, I’ll take a Dodge Challenger, black with pin stripes. Wait a minute—I’m dreaming. Make it a 69 Camaro SS black with pin stripes. That’s better.

5. Go on an adventure with my camera. I think I’d like to shoot in black and white, preferably in Memphis, maybe in New Orleans.

6. Paint on canvas. (If only I could paint like Debra Hurd!)

7. Find the place where we’re supposed to serve.

8. Go to Memphis and eat ribs at the Rendevous.

9. Eat ribs at The Shed Barbeque and Blues Joint.

10. Write 20 songs. (Already in progress, ty teach.)

And because it’s my Plinky 11, I’ll add one more:

11. Perform at least one of them. Yeah, right.

What do YOU want to do with your last half of 2011?

8 thoughts on “Half over or half yet begun?

  1. Seems to me each of those is ‘doable’. Maybe not immediately, but certainly within a few years. Cynthia Whitcomb is a screenwriter of some renown. She has a really cool exercise I’ll share with you. Right now, gotta run!

    • Hope you’re enjoying your summer. I probably should have added a Lorena’s cupcake to the list! even though I’ve given up all grains (pretty much). I’d make an exception for that.

  2. What a fun post! You have such a fun-loving heart! I know that everywhere you go, joy follows. Sounds like a great list. Anything special on your reading list? I just finished “Water for Elephants” and it was great. The photography also sounds fun! Imagine how we can take unlimited photo’s! These are such exciting times to be live. Remember when we had to pay a fortune to have pictures developed? The rib idea is wonderful! I’ve experimented with a few recipes of late. I’d love to visit the rib places you mentioned. Oh yeah… and those Bosox are doing pretty good! Isn’t it fun that summer is here?

  3. The Bosox are doing great! I wish I could have added a Red Sox game to my list, but we can’t get away to Boston this summer, and I don’t think they’re coming to Atlanta. I would love to see them in Tampa again, but trying to match up their schedule with our vacation schedule doesn’t always work out.

    I would love to read some of your rib recipes. I just tried ribs in a crock pot with grape jelly. Surprisingly delicious!

    I have so much on my reading list. Kaye Dacus is at the top. In fact, I plan to snuggle in with her book in a few minutes. I have so many others, mostly Christian fiction. But I’m behind on my Dean Koontz. I’ll have to read that next. Then there are the biographies I’m addicted to–and I have already been digging into snippets of a book about the history of guitar. (I skipped straight to the blues chapter. I’ll have to go back and re-read it straight through.)

    I haven’t read Water for Elephants, but I’ve heard so many good reviews of it that I think I’ll have to give it a try.

    Maybe I can work out a routine and learn how to relax by reading!

  4. I am always thrilled when I see a new SereddipiTee entry. This one was a real “thought provoker”. I read it just before my walk, and I just kept thinking and thinking of things I would like to do or accomplish.

    Reading is high on the list for me as well. May I recommend “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “This Much I know is True”, “A Prayer for Owen Meany”, and the entire “Angela’s Ashes” trilogy.

    What else… Glass doors for front and back of house.
    Hang out at Coffee Cafe some night just to see what it’s like.
    Try Zumba and spin if I live through Zumba, or vise versa
    Do at least 6 Random Acts of Kindness
    Ride a Horse.
    Attach my flag pole holder to the house.
    Powerwash the porches and clean the garage.
    Get 100 “likes” on Weekly Walk at the Park.
    Meet your friend Plinky and write a book.

    I suppose that’s my 10, but don’t hold me to it. Might throw in sky diving just for the heck of it!

  5. I like your list! I sure wish I could go ride a horse. I also like the random acts of kindness. One time my newspaper staff went out with Post-It notes and left anonymous encouraging messages to people in their lives. That was pretty cool. I think I’d like to try the things on your list too except for sky diving and Zumba. I think both would kill me. It’s the whole lack of coordination thing. It would be the whole “pull the wrong string on the parachute and dislodge it from my body” type of thing.

  6. Hi Teresa,
    I read down through “Little Debbie”. I had to make myself stop. You’ve pulled me in and I see and feel some of what you do. Even though I knew who you were as a child, I did not really know you. I am interested in the fact that you saved your money to buy a horse and that you were so interested in riding. It also tells me about what your mom and dad taught you.
    Just wanted to leave this comment.

  7. Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot that you do. I know a lot of what I write is very silly, but I hope to make people smile. We have too many reasons to be sad. Yes, I’ve always loved horses, and I nearly drove my parents crazy begging for one. They’re very good people, and I hope I have disappointed them. 🙂

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