Full moon crazy

Full moon tonight. The crazies come out.

I’m not sure what that means, but I think I like it. It’s been a long winter full of trouble, and I’m ready for the thaw. I need more crazy, the good crazy, the kind of crazy that brings out the kind of harmless mischief that ignites my creative spirit.

Writers thrive on crazy. Crazy schedules. Crazy thoughts. Crazy characters. And drama. Of course, it’s easy to deal with the drama when you can close the laptop and take a break. And the crazy characters? We can make ‘em do whatever we want. (Don’t you wish we had the power in real life? Maybe some of us do; maybe some of us don’t. Who pulls the puppet strings in your life? Just a side thought.)

Creative people need crazy.

Take American Idol for example. In my opinion, producers can thank Steven Tyler for breathing new life to a dying show. He adds just the right amount of crazy. He is a connoisseur of crazy. Steven refers to it as “goop,” the “stuff you get when you’re creative to get the job done.” But he’s right. James Durbin and Casey Abrams bring the crazy to every performance, and that’s why they make their fans go crazy.

All right, naysayers, chastising me for speaking so lightly about such a serious topic. I hear you. “How dare she be so flippant about the full moon? Hasn’t she heard that more accidents, more murders, and more crime occur during the full moon phase?”

Scientists tell us the moon has an effect on the oceans’ tides, and the Average Joe makes the assumption that if the moon has an effect on the large bodies of water, it probably affects small bodies too. We humans consist primarily of water—about 80%, right? Crazy thought, isn’t it?

I believe people do act a little more strangely during a full moon, maybe even a little meaner. But authorities haven’t agreed whether there is any scientific proof that the lunar phase has any real effect on a person’s emotions. Of course, the debate has gone on for years. Where do you think we get the words lunatic and looney? Full moon crazy.

Pagans have their own beliefs, but I am steadfast Christian. I don’t think full moon crazy stems from religion or science. I think we writers are responsible.

No, there’s not much scientific proof that weird things happen during a full moon, just writer conjecture. Songwriters, screenwriters, novelists, and journalists, we all perpetuate the myth. Thank you, Stephenie Myer for tweeking the moon myth with New Moon. And Warren Zevon, you incited terror in the heart of a teenage girl who listened to your vinyl 45 almost every night, worrying about poor Jim getting his lungs ripped out and feeling sorry for the “little old lady [that] got mutilated last night.”

Full moon crazy. Makes me want to take my new green journal to a picnic bench in the park and write tonight.

By the way, tonight’s full moon is what is referred to as a “super full moon” or a “perigee moon,” noted for its rare size and beauty. The last time we had one of these was back in 1993. Even if you’re more the analytical type with little time for my creative tom foolery, you should take time to see the show God’s putting on tonight. You’ll want to get there just after sunset for the best seats.

And by the way…..


I need a little crazy, so in the words of Steven Tyler, give me the “goop.” What’s your best full moon crazy story? What are you going to do tonight? If you’re reading this after March 19, you can tell me what you did. Or just tell me your best full moon myth or trivia. I don’t care. I just need some full moon crazy. I need you.

I’ll randomly pick a comment and treat the writer to a cup of coffee. Don’t worry if you’re across the world. I’ll send you a Starbucks card. (Deadline is midnight, Monday, March 21.)

Congratulations Herb Crowder for winning the Starbucks card. (You should receive it soon.) I’m sorry for the delay in posting. Due to the death in my family, I have not been able to work with the blog for a short while. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for my mother and my family. She is resting now. Please remember my father in your prayers.

28 thoughts on “Full moon crazy

  1. Hi Tee,

    It’s really amazing to see moon of this size and brightness.
    Lovely seen of seeing moon which is at a distance of 3,56,577 km from us. Though it will take some more time for you to see this in your part of the world 🙂
    Well in this part of world we have seen the moment which came after 18yrs… now it’s time for you to see(definitely after sometime 🙂

    I had heard of moon’s effect on ocean tides and human body. we can’t prevent the effect on sea.
    On human being we can, by consuming some whiskey and diluting the water 🙂 content inside our body. Just a joke 🙂

    At present I’m feeling nothing as such inside me and in my mind 🙂 , as turning into some lycan ,so effect on human being is yet to be discovered 🙂

    hope you didn’t mind my comment and joke 🙂


    • Harry, thank you so much for taking time to read and to cooment. I ALWAYS appreciate a reason to smile. You’ll have to update me if you encounter anything “strange.” 🙂

  2. MM, I love the full moon. I’m a cancer and for some odd reason, I fit the bill perfectly. My Mom usually gets these random day time urges and goes on walks that last for miles. I get night time urges and I’ll force my brother outside with me so I can take a walk. It happens more often when there’s a full moon because it’s all bright and beautiful. I’m also more likely to sneak outside during the nighttime when everyone’s asleep during the summer to go outside during the full moon. I’m so weird but there’s something amazing about being outside in your pajamas around midnight just looking at a huge beautiful moon. I love the moon. XD

    • I live in a subdivision now, so my neighbors would probably complain if I were out wandering in the moonlight in my jammies. Ha! But years ago before our children were born, my husband owned a few acres in the country. We were building a house, and it was fun to camp out under the moonlight at the edge of our woods and to be awakened by a horse whinny or snort. The horses are gone now, and we’re in town. Things change, but it’s a nice memory. I have a feeling this full moon is going to make me yearn for summer. 🙂

  3. Norman and Nancy Blake had a fabulous Lp about 30 years or so ago, titled “Full Moon on the Farm”. It isn’t out on CD or MP3, although a few tracks from it are available. Moons like tonight’s (and last night’s was pretty cool) remind me of the Oct Kerrville Music Festival, a smaller version of the big May festival held in the Texas Hill Country. Good food, good friends and great folk and bluegrass with everyone welcomed to sit in and jam with the masters.

    I may have to get the Martin out tonight and see how much I’ve forgotten. Ya gotta start someplace.

    We can all be “…dancin’ in the moonlight…”!

    • I will definitely have guitars out tonight. Someone gave me a new journal on St. Patrick’s Day, and I plan on filling it up with lyrics and stuff. Why not start on a full moon night? Last night was really pretty too, but I didn’t get out much. I will tonight. Enjoy! Play that Martin!

  4. Wonderful post, Teresa. I love that beautiful picture of the moon. 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to the Super Moon tonight. Hopefully, I can get some cool pictures. That’s my goal anyway. Take picutres and enjoy the wonders of God’s awesome creation.

    • I’m thinking about taking my camera out too. I thought about getting away from the city lights I think, but according to what I read it’s the city scape that gives the illusion of the moon being so big. I wish it lasted for a long time, but the window is limited, shortly after sunset, I think. Have fun tonight!

  5. Wow, I really love your new blog design! What theme is this? I really agree about the moon! I am a Psychiatric RN who worked nights for many years. I can tell you that there is a connection between the moon and human behavior. Thanks for a great post!

  6. My dentist told me the reason a tooth will hurt like crazy at night and seem ok in the morning was due to the gravitational pull of the moon.????????????

  7. I don’t have a crazy full moon story, but I can tell you I will NOT be taking my daughter outside at any time after 10:00 PM to see it. When we took her outside at 3:00 in the morning in August to see the meteors we got locked out and had to sleep in the truck until our neighbors woke up and gave us a key… No more night time excursions for us!

  8. Many moons ago, my sweetheart and I looked up at the moon and swore that we would always remember each other when we saw the moon, such as it has been these past days.
    I can’t help but wonder if he will remember that night…
    I would never want to change the past, present or future, for that is God’s will…But I will look at the moon tonight and keep my promise, thankful that it happened, thankful that I have a sweet memory, thankful that I am where I am at this very moment…though he is thousands of miles away…

  9. The moon is gonna be so pretty tonight, I hope that all the young people come out and see it, this is amazing like when we were kids, the space walks and man on the moon thing was lots of fun. be careful though, the werewolves will be out..Have fun..I know I will..keep up the good work..:)

  10. I will transform tonight, by the light of this full moon… Yes, I will transform for but a few minuets, but in those few minuets I will become the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America! I will become Henry Morgantheau, the Secretary in FDR’s cabinet in the play ‘Annie’… he he he ha ha Ha Ha Ho HO HO!!!

    Sorry just going a little power mad at my impending transformation! Goodnight all.

  11. This hasn’t happened since the year I was born. How cool. I tried to take pictures last night of the moon, but my camera doesn’t get the whole moon effect. It doesn’t show its details and the craters. But I love being outside with the moon so bright. I can see everything that is going on around me at night.

  12. I think you have to have a very special lense–a telescope perhaps. I hope I’m outside around sunset. It’s getting close now. I’ll be spending time at the hospital. I guess I can find out for myself if the full moon frenzy extends to the local ER.

  13. So, I hope you locked Kenny up tonight!!! Talk about releasing the “crazies”!!! I take that back, could he really go any further?

    Once on a full moon, not too uncommon that this one, I developed psychic abilities. I’m telling you it was amazing! It was like I could read every thought, knew every move, and saw everything the same way. I’ve never had that ability since and don’t know if I would want it again. I mean, being able to read my own mind was very refreshing, but let’s be honest, it was a bit scary.

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