Plinky 11- How do I express my creativity?

It’s after midnight. I have school in the morning—only I can’t sleep. Too many thoughts swirl in my head.

Questions plus no answers equal no sleep.

Whenever I’m in this crazed state of mind, I usually have something I want to say—but can’t say. Some people call it writer’s block, but block isn’t the right word. Is there such a thing as writer distraction?  Writer paralysis? Writer confusion? Writer desperation?

Because I’m going to be up anyway—at least for a few more minutes, I thought I’d share with you a nifty little writing site that works for writers, teachers, and students. I’m a little of all those, so you know I like it.

It’s called Plinky, and it works like this. The administrators put up a new prompt each day, and members respond. Want to write something for your blog, but you just can’t come up with an idea? Visit Plinky. Read past prompts and answers from other members. You might just get inspired. I did.

I’m adding a new category to my blogs—Plinky 11, in honor of Plinky and 2011. Plinky prompts, and I provide 11 answers. Feel free to add your own thoughts. I’m using Sunday’s prompt.

What are your favorite ways to express your creativity?  (In addition to writing YA fiction and magazine articles)

  1. I listen to the radio, and I imagine whatever song is playing to be the theme music of the story I create in my mind. Even though my story is only for me, it’s still a form of creative expression. It’s like I’m creating my own little movie.
  2. I pick up my guitar and play a melody that’s always inspired by my emotions. Sometimes regret. Sometimes love. Sometimes hurt. Sometimes joy. Sometimes anger. Sometimes confusion. Sometimes praise for all God’s given me.
  3. When I can, I log whatever song lyrics come to mind into my computer. Someday I’ll piece them together like a quilt of feelings and create a song.
  4. I take pictures, especially anything that’s intriguing and mysterious like old barns, cemeteries, the silhouettes of trees against sunset skies, etc. I also like taking pictures of musicians. No surprise. Not to brag, but my Steven Curtis Chapman took first place at the fair—mullet and all. My picture of a sax player leaning against a tree in Jackson Square in New Orleans took second. Fun stuff.
  5. I look up random quotes on Quote Garden or and pick one to launch a story. Here’s one:  “Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.” This one could be a love song.
  6. I draw or doodle.
  7. I write poems—but they rarely rhyme.
  8. I write a note of appreciation in My Book of Blessings about someone in my life who has blessed me in a special way. This book is for me and God only.
  9. I sit down at my piano and improvise.
  10. I daydream and imagine “what if.”
  11. I stay up past midnight and write a blog as I wrestle with my thoughts.

How do you express your creativity?

4 thoughts on “Plinky 11- How do I express my creativity?

  1. Wow, great post! I also like to take photos! I got a great new DSLR, a Nikon D300S that I’ m still learning how to use!! I love to sew and take pics of what I sew and cook and take pictures of what I cook and now, I write about both on my blog. I know that ‘selling’ isn’t what most would call “creative,” but for me it was a thrill! I’d share my excitement about a product with them (usually a sewing machine or vacuum cleaner and when they’d buy it, I’d feel like I’ve done them a great service.

  2. I have a Canon EOS Rebel that I like very much. But a Nikon–wow! I’ve always wanted a Nikon. What you do with your blog is very creative. It is your passion. You go girl!

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