This is a busy week at the Lockhart household with the three Lockhart men all having birthdays within one week:  Kenny, the 7th; Josh, the 12th and Michael, the 14th. So in honor of the boys, particularly the younger two of three, the ones who allow me to take photos, I dedicate Sunday’s blog to then. They are, after all, the source of my inspiration.  

Class of 2010

Nineteen years ago, Joshua William was born after quite a difficult delivery, but despite his traumatic entry into the world, he has proven that he is no quitter. I am so proud of him, class president all four years, the Tennessee High School Press Association Student Journalist of the Year and now an MTSU journalism student.   

The first week after bringing him home from the hospital Josh let us know he was on the fast track. He was already lifting his head up and looking about the room as if to say, “World, here I am, ready to take you on.” Before he was old enough to go to school, he was already creating stories and had two imaginary brothers and an imaginary sister: Kinder, Mark and Folla. They went with us every where, riding on top of the car as there was no room for them inside. Sometimes Josh’s imaginary uncle from England joined them.   

Where's the Mystery Machine?

 Josh also had a fascination for Batman. He had his own suit. Being the indulgent parents that we were, we used to drive him around town in his costume so that he could look for crime. When we were in Knoxville, we took him to a Shoney’s, where he signed autographs…in his suit…as Batman.   

Josh is creative, but before he wanted to go into media and writing, he wanted to be a detective. I made him business cards on my computer, and he wanted to advertise his services on Swap and Shop. I’m not sure that he’s ever gotten over the fact that I had to deny his request.   

But he did get an early start on television as a winner of the Reading Rainbow original story contest. He created his own illustrations too. Our star read his story on NPT!  

Josh's Tak

 Happy birthday, my dear son. I am so proud of you. You are a wonderful writer, an amazing videographer and movie maker and a pretty decent guitar player. I’m so glad you like the Takamine. I know that whatever you do, you will be a shining success.  

Eight years later after Josh’s dramatic entry into the world, Michael Caleb came along. Even before he was born, I knew he was going to be lively. He never stopped moving. He was the baby who never went to sleep. He was constantly moving, and I can’t count the number of times he fell out of his bed. His first word was ball, and he could wait to start playing soccer at the age of three.   


When he was four, he was the tiniest boy on his basketball team, but that didn’t stop him from going up to the biggest kid on the other team and taking the ball out of his hand. Michael looked like a rag doll being shaken by a pitbull. But he never let go. He has played running back on his football team, short stop on his minor league teams and midfielder on his soccer teams. He was also a proud East Coffee Warrior basketball player last year. 

Creativity 'n Motion

 Because he’s constantly moving, it’s only fitting that he is taking drum lessons, and he’s coming right along. He has his own drums in his room, and I’m sure he drives the neighbors crazy with his beating. I don’t mind. Even when he doesn’t have sticks in his hands, he is pounding out a rhythm to the song on the radio.  


 Always moving.Michael is my comedian, my talker. He is never quiet. Honestly, dear teachers, we have had numerous discussions with him concerning his loquacious behavior.  He received a note on his progress report indicating that he needed to control his talking. Michael’s explanation was that he just talked too fast. Too fast? I haven’t heard that one before.  

Michael’s hero is Josh. He wants to do everything Josh does, and he too was a Reading Rainbow winner and was able to read his story on TV too. 

My Angel

 Happy birthday, my little angel. You know you were named after the arch angel Michael (and Michael W. Smith). You have brought such joy to my life. You know you’ll always be “Mama’s boy.”   

As for the third birthday boy in the bunch, happy birthday. Thank you for being a wonderful father. I can’t imagine any greater gifts. I love you all.  

Hanes Man--They're clean. I promise.

Movie Maker

Sir Michael

Our Hero


8 thoughts on “Sapphires

  1. never thought of myself as a sapphire; a valuable gem….whoda thunk it. Thanks Tee, I don’t see how you do it. By the way, I think the pictures are safe.

  2. Happy birthday to the Lockhart men. I have to say Michael’s talking brought a lot of joy into our classroom. His smile lights up a room. I feel blessed that I was able to share a year with him.

    • I have a Tak, Josh has a Tak, and Michael has a Tak. Michael’s is red to match his drums. Michael is doing a GREAT job with his drums by the way. I wish you could hear him. His teacher is FABULOUS. We love him. Of course, Josh and I still LOVE our piano teacher. If it weren’t for you Michelle, I don’t think I’d be able to work with the praise team at church. Those were wonderful days.

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