You know you’re a writer when …

I had to rely on a little help from the Facebook gang for tonight’s blog. Between preparing for the start of school and preparing for critiques and contests, my brain is on the blink. So I asked the crew to finish the sentence.  What do you think? 

You know you are a writer when …

  • Your kids have nothing to eat because you have to finish a deadline.  ~  Jessie
  • Your family and friends think you are insane because you carry a pen and paper with you at all times and observe people at every chance you get…and dinner? What’s that?  ~  Rachel
  • You wake up in the morning and all you can think about is writing. Then you are a writer. (Whoopi Goldberg, Sister Act II)  ~  Phillip
  • It drives you insane when people spell things wrong.  ~  Jennifer
  • Every time you go to Wal-mart, you are yet again tempted to buy the latest, prettiest journal.  ~  Emily
  • Everywhere you go, or see, or do—you think it would make a great article.  ~  Sarah
  • You’re more anxious to see your mailman than your spouse.  ~  Sarah
  • You drink a lot.  ~  Patrick (Note:  That would be STARBUCKS for me, Pat!  Ha!)
  • You write stuff.  ~  James

I have a few more to add.

  • Either you, a family member, or your newspaper adviser has stalked a real-life superhero, Rick Bragg or Harper Lee.
  • You travel 30 miles to another town to sit in a coffee shop so that you can eavesdrop on interesting conversation at a nearby table.
  • You travel 30 miles to another town to sit in a coffee shop so that the people at a nearby table can watch you at your computer and finally get up enough nerve to ask you if you’re a writer.
  • You actually enjoy correcting other people’s grammar.
  • You enjoy smelling the books at Barnes and Noble.
  • You hang out in the book section at Walmart and imagine what your name would look like on the cover of a novel.
  • You get paid for lying.
  • You possess several personalities and the men in white coats haven’t yet taken you away.
  • You prefer writing over sleeping, eating or drinking—Starbucks.
  • You’ll steal cool ideas from your friends and pass them off as your own creativity. (Just kidding!)

Don’t forget to add more if you think of ’em!  Stay cool. It’s only 100 degrees out there TONIGHT.

7 thoughts on “You know you’re a writer when …

  1. You use your arm, sister, dog to write on because you ran out of paper.

    You can remember every detail of your characters, but you forget the simple things like washing clothes…or chores.

    • I like to borrow this slogan I picked up from another writer’s website: You had better be careful or you’ll end up as a character in my next novel.

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