Tips for teen writers

Many of you have offered me great help and encouragement. Maybe I can point you in the right direction too. There was never a better time for teen writers to let loose their creativity. Many of you are already blogging, and some of you are ready to take to your writing to the next level. Here are a few tips to think about as you navigate away from this site.

  • Use social networking to your writing advantage. Rather than just ranting on Twitter, consider following other teens who post links to their blogs. Also, promote your blog. You can learn from one another and maybe share readers.
  • You should also consider following the tweets of literary agents and other writers.
  • Never think you’ve learned all there is know about writing. You’ll find out SOON that you don’t. If you have the time, devote an hour or an evening to exploring online websites about writing.
  • Teen writers can easily form a Facebook critique groups.  Share your ideas. Again learn from each other.

I’ve also listed a few sites that may serve your individual interests.

My High School Journalism

The site is a great help to all student journalists. Its resources include story ideas, games, ethics tips and more than I could possibly list here.

High School Journalism Institute

Check out this link when you are having a tough time coming up with a story idea. Our staff can also collaborate to post ideas online. These are the first topics I spotted in 30 seconds:

  • Follow a freshman through his/her first week of school
  • Required sports physicals and the lack of insurance
  • Places in town where students can find free WiFi
  • Uncover investigation of proper hand washing
  • Spotlight on the Humane Society

Novel Teen

The best way to learn how to improve your craft is to study the craft. Read, read, read. This website includes interviews with authors of Christian fiction.  

Literary Holidays

Okay, so this site doesn’t quite fit in with the other ones, but it’s a great place to go if you have time to wander. You may stumble unto the perfect idea. We just missed the Hemingway Days, but Hobbit Day is September 22, the birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo. What’s the best way to celebrate? By feasting!

Teen Ink

Many of you have already discovered this online publication. (There’s also a print publication.) The site includes teen photography, fiction, poetry, nonfiction and more. If you have ever contributed to Teen Ink, please add a comment and let the readers know about your own experiences. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog and a link to your Teen Ink contribution if possible.

 Publishing Companies for Teen Writers

The site also includes info for teen photographers. Ever heard of Cicada, What If?, Claremont Review or Teen Hydro S. Magazine?  No? Maybe you should check out this link.

This site covers almost every question a beginning writer might have about writing.

If you know of a website that’s not listed here, please add a comment with the link. One of the BEST things I’ve discovered about going to writing workshops is the camaraderie among fellow writers. If you know what you’re doing, step up and be a mentor in the classroom and online.  I’m a newbie in the YA writing world. Often I have felt bewildered, but the more experienced writers have encouraged me to ask questions—and they have been so kind to answer them.

You can also post questions here. If I don’t know the answers, I will find someone who can help us.

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