Leaving Manchester for the good

Well, I’ve decided to pack my bags and to leave Manchester.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who have supported me during the three or so weeks that I have been in possession of a complete, revised novel. I especially want to thank the EDGE staff for advising me during the year-long writing process. Without your help I would not have had “straight from the horse’s mouth insider information” concerning what teens do and do not want to read. And thank you, EDGE staff, for helping me get a better handle on what teens would really do if they were faced with the same types of crises that TJ and Megan face. I could not have made it this far without you.

Even though you have been an incredible support system to me, I realize I need more—namely an agent, an editor and a publishing house. Hmmm. I have bribed you a couple of times in the past. Would a bribe work now? How about Aztec Chicken every Friday at El Manantial until for the first person who can bring me the three aforementioned items?  On second thought, let me rethink that offer. I am envisioning an illegal kidnapping plot involving one or more Edgers—all for the sake of Aztec Chicken. I can see said agent being duct-taped and taken away in a little orange VW bus full of crazed writers in dreadlocks and hippie shirts.

But as I was saying, I have decided to leave Manchester to attend the ACFW Conference at the end of summer if all goes well, but I’ll return within a few days. (And, yes, some family members will accompany me to make sure I stay out of trouble.) I hope that while I am there I will learn the process of acquiring the three treasures listed above. All kidding aside, please keep me in your prayers. The YA (young adult) market is very competitive right now, and prayer is a necessity.

I’m really shocked that the YA market is so tough. When I walk into the classroom, I see most of you lugging around a book or two, and I’m not talking about required reading. Of course, I teach writers, and good readers, as we know, make good writers. Maybe that’s why YOU have a book in your hands. Your reading and writing go hand in hand.

I want to know what it is about the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series that lures both young and older readers. What magic do these novels possess? Are teens reading anything else these days? If so, what? Speaking of reading, what are you reading right now? 

I’ll go first, and then it’s your turn.  As you know I just finished, The Heart’s Journey Home by Jen Stephens. Next, on my list is In Between by Jenny B. Jones. After that, I’ll looking forward to a novel by Kaye Dacus. I was also hoping for another Odd Thomas novel by Dean Koontz, but it appears Odd is only appearing in graphic novels these days. Sigh.

It’s your turn now.

20 thoughts on “Leaving Manchester for the good

  1. I’ve been praying for God to open the doors for you to have this opportunity! I will continue to pray for you, Teresa. I’m so excited for you! I’m not a teen, but I’m currently reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.

    • I really like hearing about what other people are reading because it inspires me to read too. I’ll have to check this out. And Jennifer, thanks so much for praying for me. It means a lot. All of this is a huge step of faith, the biggest step I’ve ever taken. By the way, you have a very cool blog!


      I wish we had a writer or reader group at Trinity.

  2. When I first started reading this, I though you were resigning as the advisor of The EDGE and as a teacher at CHS. That scared me.

    But if that was your intention… well played. Well played, indeed.

    Best of luck and many prayers, Mrs. L.

  3. actually, I’m re-reading the last Harry Potter book again (3rd read). I’m also reading “It is Well” by Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence. And, a 3rd book I’m reading is about Tennessee history.

    • I have yet to dive into the Harry Potter books. I feel like the only person in this world who hasn’t, and I’m ashamed. They’re on my “to read” list. I also finished a non-fiction Christian book called Boundaries that I highly recommend.

  4. Tim, I would never EVER want to trouble you. But, to tell the truth, I’ll admit to being a little tricky with my word choices, but I never said anything that wasn’t true. 🙂

    Just practicing ways to get the reader to keep reading.

    I hope you’ll forgive me.

  5. Hi, My mom said I could tell you what I like in a young adult book since I read so much and have read all the series you talked about. First, good books have secrets in them that are revealed over time in the book. 2. Good books let you learn things about the characters that you didn’t know – usually surprising things. 3. They teach you something – mythology, science, history….. 4. They are wildly imaginative – time travel, different planets, how things work if it’s something that doesnt exist they make up how it works. 5. Lastly, good books contain few boring parts – boring parts are when characters are just talking and not showing very much emotion and nothing is happenng. A writer should reveall the secrets and surprises during action and it doesn’t hurt if there a little hints along the way. My favorite books are: Warriors, Harry Potter, A Wrinkle In Time, Percy Jackson, Thomas Riley, Inkheart… I’ve read all the books in the series listed above and I’m looking for a new series right now. I will be in middle school next year and my mom told me you have a good writing class there at the High School that I will love. Thanks for listening to me.

    • Riley, I’ll bet you are a great writer in addition to a great reader! I think it’s wonderful that you enjoy reading so much. I take it that you’re really drawn to the elements of fantasy. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

  6. Well, that was the sixteenth book in the series. My mom and I love them, and I have read all of them at least twice. They are hilarious for one and suspenseful. It also possess a romantic twist dealing with the two men in the main character’s life. The book also reveals different aspects of the main character’s family especially her eccentric grandmother. Each book revolves around her adventures as a bounty hunter, and each novel is a thriller.

  7. You know, this may come as a suprise to you, but Kenny and I have entertained the notion of becoming bounty hunters. I really like the concept of this series. Do you have the first of the series? Maybe we could swap books?

    • Haha…you and Kenny bounty hunters. After all the stories you have told me, this doesn’t surprise me. But yeah, we own them all. I will give you the first two next week since they are quick reads.

      Here is a link to my blog by the way: http://ewpush.blogspot.com/

  8. You know what was going through my mind when I saw the title? I was like “NOOO! We haven’t even started! What is she thinking?!” As for the books I enjoy…The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare. I think I’m drawn to the whole idea of one teen against the world (or a group of teens) books.

  9. I am reading Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr. It is the fourth book in the Wicked Lovely series. In each book the immortal characters face the difficult desicion of choosing between their own desires or the needs of their people. Very few moments of unanimous happiness exist, and friendships seem as though they are always on thin ice.

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